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Netwrix Auditor is a transparent and manageable platform that enables control over changes, configuration and access to a hybrid cloud IT environment for the protection of unstructured data, without regardless of their location. The platform provides a security policy for the detection of behavioral anomalies users and investigate threat patterns before a data breach occurs.

Maximum insight into who changed what, when and where and who has access to what is in your IT infrastructure.

Netwrix Auditor is IT audit software that increases the visibility of IT infrastructure changes and data access. The product provides effective audit data on what was changed by whom, when and where, and who has access to what.

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Strengthening security

Overcomes the limitations of "native" revision

Enhanced compliance

  • Implementation and confirmation of internal control
  • Keeps your audit trail in the archive for more than 10 years
  • Gives easy access to reports

Optimization of IT operations

  • Automation of time-consuming manual tasks
  • Minimizes system downtime and service failure
  • Unifies auditing across the entire IT infrastructure
  • Generates and delivers audit and compliance reports much faster. Stops the time spent on manual scripts and consolidated audit data whenever you need a report on who is making changes in IT systems or who has permissions for what.
  • Investigates suspicious user activity before a data breach occurs.
  • Enables visibility of controlled environments. Whether you plan to add a new service to increase of revenue or by adding different services that show more value to your customer, Netwrix has a business model to support your target income.
  • Restores control over your IT infrastructure and takes the stress out of your next compliance audit.
  • See how often changes were made, which users made changes, which systems were affected, who has access to what and more.
  • Mitigates security risks and reduces compliance costs.
  • Protect your organization from attackers who have managed to bypass your extensive security (firewall, anti-viruses, etc.) and avoid penalties for non-compliance with regulatory standards.
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