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inSync provides unified data protection for today's mobile data users. For IT, inSync offers rich solutions such as mobile data backup and data loss prevention.

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One platform to manage everything

With a single backup control panel, availability and management, inSync provides a converged platform for management of all data of end users on laptops, mobile devices and applications in the cloud — all without impacting employee productivity. Backup designed for the mobile workforce protects corporate data anytime, anywhere and on any device. The rise of the mobile workforce has led to less visibility of IT critical business data and greater potential for loss and data breach. inSync puts control back in the hands of IT with integrated tools to protect and manage data across multiple operating systems, networks and devices, while providing a seamless end-user experience. Lightning fast backup with huge data savings. Global deduplication company's inSync, patented, provides fast, lightweight backups, saving up to 80% on storage and bandwidth — leaps and bounds over any other mobile data backup technology.

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- Users can easily see an overview of the last scheduled backups, add/remove backup folders, pause backups and quickly access shared content with other colleagues on any project.

- End users can retrieve data from any time period, and select a device and location to device to which they want to recover their data.

- Users (if the option is enabled by the IT admin) can schedule a backup on at certain intervals, pause the backup if the device's battery is below a certain limit, and set the bandwidth scope and priority of the backup processor.

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Solution components

Enables continuous and non-intrusive data backup and recovery to protect critical business data anywhere where they were. In addition, with personal backup, user settings are very easily saved with possible by migrating to new machines and new operating systems. inSync is massively deployable and supports Windows ®, OS X ®, Linux ®, iOS, and Android ™ devices.

Facilitates the identification, collection and storage of endpoint data for compliance purposes. It enables safe and direct access to data for eDiscovery platforms with complete metadata.

Provides high availability through a secondary support destination for automatic failover backups and restoring them, ensures zero downtime and continuous access to data. In addition, inSync offers the ability to dynamically add storage, providing scalability and support for organizations that predict increased data needs for hundreds of thousands of users and large amounts of storage data.

inSync Share provides the security and control needed for IT to manage all internal and external sharing activities organizations by providing an environment that is intuitive and easy to use for effective collaboration user. It is supported on all mobile devices and provides quick access for all users to all their data from any device.

With the inSync mobile app, end users have direct access to the content of all backups you are on the move. In addition, they can easily control mobile backup and protect preferences (backup content, layout and remote deletion).

Enables remote data wipe, geo-tracking and enforcement of device encryption with protection capability data from being compromised in case the endpoint device is stolen or lost.


Secure file sharing for mobile users

Collaborate and share securely, anywhere. IT control over corporate data With inSinc Share, IT can ensure that data is not exposed to unauthorized individuals. Detailed audit trails of usage and tamper-proof data sharing provides full IT visibility for compliance Custom group policies allow IT to manage who, where and how data can be accessed and shared. with external parties Legal holds may be placed on shared data for litigation management and downstream eDiscovery needs. Comprehensive data security and privacy inSync Share protects shared data from breaches and leaks with the strongest enterprise-grade security features. Remote wipe i geographic location for laptops and mobile devices protect against data breaches from lost and stolen data device Encryption at rest and in transit across all devices keeps your data continuously secure Unique two-factor encryption prevents anyone but the customer – even Druv – from accessing the data.

Prevention of data loss

For all devices, secure mobile data from loss or breach and prevent unauthorized access, while the possibility of remote erasure provides convincing protection measures, because the additional level of security inSync also allows IT administrators to manage device encryption and prevent users from accessing sensitive data when they are not authorized. Device encryption, uses built-in encryption technology device, such as Windows file system encryption, selective encryption of files and folders eliminates heavy-duty full-disk encryption without disrupting end users. Geofencing provides a way to restrict access data from disallowed geographic regions, while allowing the collection of device data. Geo-locate any endpoint, anytime the device is lost or stolen, the ability rapid location helps organizations minimize concerns about lost productivity and vulnerabilities data. With inSync, IT can track the location of any endpoint for quick recovery or remote deletions, reducing the need to replace devices and giving organizations peace of mind. Precise tracking geolocation within 10-20 meters The Google Maps interface provides details such as street, city, state and country Shows the last known IP address of each device.

Legal Hold and eDiscovery

Broad end-user data Solve forensic and investigative needs for mobile and cloud data Druva inSync is the industry's first solution for unifying end-user data, so that organizations can quickly respond to judicial and investigative requests. By combining different data sources; laptops, mobile and cloud applications, legal gets a centralized and efficient view of monitoring and seeking risk, administering legal holds, and providing access to lower-level eDiscovery processes — all without affecting employee productivity. Visibility in all end user data - Centralized end user data -Consolidated control panel -Audit trails protected from unauthorized unauthorized storage and archiving of end user data -Ensure that all user data keep as long as necessary - Search data and audit trails - Minimize the risk of damage.

Identify risks and address compliance with mobile and cloud data Druva inSync is the first the industry's solution for combining user data across laptops, mobiles and applications in to the cloud to provide centralized visibility, full-text search, and controls to meet the data management needs of the company. From a single, unified dashboard, InfoSec and compliance teams can easily search all end-user data, automate monitoring compliance and identify data risks — without impacting employee productivity. Investigative search of all end user data - Elastic indexing - Federated full text search - Advanced mobile data collection -Compliance with data privacy needs A 360-degree view into data and end-user interactions — Laptops, mobile and Cloud inSync is simple, integrated dashboard and easily accessible, detailed audit trails allow organizations to monitor and analyze end-user data and assess compliance guidelines.

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