The best solution for vulnerability management

With more than a million users worldwide, Nessus is the best management solution on the market vulnerability. With the broadest coverage and vulnerability technology support in the industry, Nessus helps organizations to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities across mobile, cloud and virtualized environment.

Nessus supports more technologies than competing solutions, scanning operating systems, network devices, next-generation firewalls, databases, web servers, and critical infrastructure for omissions and threats.

With the world's largest constantly-updating database of vulnerabilities and configuration checks, and supported by Tenable expert vulnerability research team, Nessus sets the standard for scanning speed and accuracy vulnerabilities.

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Nessus® Cloud

Nessus Cloud combines Nessus' detection, scanning and auditing features with multi-user support for company teams.

Nessus® Manager

Drives comprehensive vulnerability management across your organization.

Nessus® Professional

Identifies vulnerabilities, policy configuration violations, and malware that attackers use to enter your network.

Nessus Nessus
Flexible deployment options Nessus Professional Nessus Cloud Nessus Manager
Intended for one or more users Single Multiple Multiple
Deployed as On-premises or cloud-hosted On-premises Cloud-hosted On-premises
Multiple assessment types Nessus Professional Nessus Cloud Nessus Manager
Vulnerability Scanning - Assessing systems, networks and applications for potential weaknesses YES YES YES
Configuration Audit - Ensures IT assets are compliant with policy and standards YES YES YES
Conformance Check - Configuration and content audit system against standards YES YES YES
Malware Detection - Detects malware as potentially unwanted and uncontrolled software YES YES YES
Web Application Scanning - Detects weaknesses in web servers and their services YES YES YES
Sensitive Data Search - Identifies personal information on the system or in documents YES YES YES
Control System Audit - Scan SCADA systems, embedded devices and ICS applications YES YES YES
Cloud Support - Assesses configuration weaknesses in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Rackspace public cloud YES YES YES
Rich assessment ability Nessus Professional Nessus Cloud Nessus Manager
High speed asset discovery and scanning - Network devices including next generations firewalls, operating systems, databases, web applications, virtual and cloud environments and more YES YES YES
Multiple Network Scanning - Scanning IPv4, IPv6 and Hybrid Networks YES YES YES
Accredited/Unaccredited - Flexible scanning options meet different needs YES YES YES
Scan Scheduling - Set up a scan to run whenever and however often you want YES YES YES
Agent-based scanning - Increased scanning coverage with Nessus Agents NO YES YES
Multi-scanner support - Manage and share scanning resources from a central console NO YES YES
Worldwide scanning - Use the scanner in multiple locations around the world NO YES NO
Current management Nessus Professional Nessus Cloud Nessus Manager
Content Update - Constant updates for vulnerabilities, advanced threats, zero-days, and new species regulatory compliance configuration through Nessus plugins YES YES YES
User Management - Create multiple users and groups with different privileges NO YES YES
Resource Management - Sharing scan results with multiple users and groups NO YES YES
Customer Support - Request help through the Tenable Support Portal and/or the support team resources Chat Email Chat Email Phone Chat Email Phone
Connecting to Core Systems Nessus Professional Nessus Cloud Nessus Manager
Password vault integration - Integrated with CyberArk for easier credential management NO YES YES
Patch management auditing - Integrated with patch management solutions from IBM, Microsoft, Red Hat® and Dell NO YES YES
Mobile device security - Integrated with major MDMs, including Microsoft, Apple, Good, MobileIron, AirWatch NO YES YES
Nessus RESTful API - A standard, supported and documented API for integrating Nessus into your workflow YES YES YES
Reporting Nessus Professional Nessus Cloud Nessus Manager
Flexible reporting - Custom reports sorted by vulnerability or host, creating summary report and comparing scan results to highlight changes YES YES YES
Multiple report formats - Native (XML), PDF (requires Oracle Java to be installed on Nessus server), CSV and HTML YES YES YES
Targeted email notifications - Notification of scan results, remediation recommendations and configuration improvement scans YES YES YES
Results and report sharing - Automatic analysis after scanning with plugins, screenshots found in scan reports NO YES YES
Control Panel - Presents a graphical overview of the scan NO YES YES
PCI ASV validation - Submitting scan results to Tenable for validation NO YES NO
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